Two weeks to go (plus a tentative schedule)

It is two weeks until I begin my hike at the southern Terminus of the PCT, and it is freaking me out a little bit.  There are about 9-10 places which I will have to mail food out to the trail, so I am trying to get enough snacks, lunches, dinners to not die out there.  I have 36 Big Texas Cinnamon rolls which are like the best vending machine fodder ever, so breakfasts are set for my resupply packages.  Plus the high caloric content is guilt free due to the number of calories I will be burning out there.

I have also been checking out other blogs at and there are a ton of people out hiking already, which has me second guessing my start date.  Plus it is warm in San Diego, so am looking forward to it being even hotter in a couple of weeks. To top it off, I just got my tax returns done and get to write a big check to the IRS.  The favorite thing for all unemployed people everywhere. I just got back from visiting my parents in Wyoming, and my mom was unsympathetic to my tax woes, trying to explain that there are less fortunate people out there.  To which I replied, “Take a look at these boyish good looks!  Everyone is less fortunate!” Still no sympathy forthcoming from that corner.

Alright, here is the tentative schedule.  I hope to be able to stick to it.  If I have enough slack, I will take extras rest days, or slow things down.  However if I get behind, so be it.

Mile Location Miles Pace Hiking Days Arrive Zero(s) Depart B=Buy Food
0.0 Mexico Border 1-May
20.1 ADZPCTKO (lake Morena) 20.1 20 1.0 1-May 1 3-May
43.8 Mt. Laguna 23.7 15 1.6 4-May 5-May b
109.5 Warner Springs 65.7 18 3.7 8-May 9-May m
178.8 Idyllwild 69.3 18 3.9 12-May 1 14-May b
265.4 Big Bear 86.6 20 4.3 17-May 1 19-May b
343.0 Cajon Pass 77.6 20 3.9 22-May 23-May b
369.8 Wrightwood 26.8 20 1.3 23-May 1 25-May b
455.2 Agua Dulce (Saufleys) 85.4 20 4.3 28-May 29-May b
559.6 Tehachapi 104.4 20 5.2 2-Jun 3-Jun b
703.8 Kennedy Meadows 144.2 20 7.2 9-Jun 2 12-Jun m
788.9 Independence or Bishop 85.1 20 4.3 15-Jun 16-Jun
878.8 VVR 89.9 18 5.0 20-Jun 21-Jun m
906.7 Mammoth 27.9 18 1.6 22-Jun 23-Jun b
944.8 Tuolumne Meadows 38.1 20 1.9 24-Jun 2 27-Jun b
1018.5 KM Resort 73.7 20 3.7 30-Jun 1-Jul b
1096.0 S. Lake Tahoe 77.5 20 3.9 4-Jul 5-Jul b
1197.5 Sierra City 101.5 20 5.1 9-Jul 2 12-Jul b
1289.5 The Braatens 92.0 20 4.6 16-Jul 17-Jul m
1335.1 Chester 45.6 18 2.5 19-Jul 20-Jul b
1382.2 Old Station 47.1 18 2.6 22-Jul 23-Jul b
1506.5 Mt Shasta 124.3 20 6.2 28-Jul 1 30-Jul b
1606.5 Etna 100.0 20 5.0 3-Aug 2 6-Aug b
1662.0 Seiad Valley 55.5 20 2.8 8-Aug 9-Aug b
1726.8 Ashland 64.8 22 2.9 11-Aug 1 13-Aug b
1829.3 Crater Lake/Mazama Villiage 102.5 20 5.1 17-Aug 18-Aug m
1912.3 Shelter Cove Resort 83.0 21 4.0 21-Aug 22-Aug m
1992.8 Sisters or Bend 80.5 20 4.0 25-Aug 2 28-Aug b
2107.3 Timberline Lodge 114.5 20 5.7 2-Sep 3-Sep m
2155.0 Cascade Locks 47.7 18 2.6 5-Sep 2 8-Sep b
2303.0 White Pass 148.0 18 8.2 15-Sep 16-Sep m
2402.8 Snoqualmie 99.8 20 5.0 20-Sep 21-Sep b
2476.6 Skykomish 73.8 20 3.7 24-Sep 25-Sep b
2574.7 Stehekin 98.1 20 4.9 29-Sep 30-Sep m
2656.2 Canada 81.5 20 4.1 3-Oct 4-Oct b

Edited to reflect new schedule.


4 thoughts on “Two weeks to go (plus a tentative schedule)

  1. Sora

    Hi Jay,

    I’m a friend of James Hereford and he showed me your travel site. I think it’s pretty awesome what you’re doing. Aside from some who thinks this is craziness, for others, it provides courage and possibilities. On that, how many fellow travelers do you think you’ll run into during your trip? I know the pct has gotten popular in a number of books recently. So wondering how frequently or not you’ll see people. Also…what’s the bathroom situation. 😉 is it ‘pack it in, pack it out’ thing?

  2. jayrocksd Post author

    Hi Sora. James is a great guy, and we definitely went through some fun times implementing one particular solution which shall rename nameless. The number of fellow travelers has become a big concern for me. For that reason I am actually going to delay my departure a week so I don’t have to hike with “the Flood.” I have heard there will be 1000 hikers this year, and most of them leave at the same time to go to the annual Kick off in lake Morena. That was my original intent, but I don’t want to be fighting for campsites etc, so I am going to go a little later to make it more like I had envisioned with a solo hike. Bathroom situation will be digging a 6″ cat hole, although they do recommend packing out toilet paper as it does not decompose well, especially in the desert. 🙂


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