Day 3 – Laguna Mountain Recreation area

May 3 – Day 3 – Pioneer Mail camp – Mile 52.6

Today was another good day of hiking. I stopped at the Laguna mountain store and had snacks for lunch on the porch while chatting with bikers, tourists etc. I also walked down to the sporting goods store for some dinners and bought some running shorts to sleep in.

Later on it walking through Penny Pines, it was sad to see how much was burned last year by the fire. Fortunately it seems to have stopped just short of the trailhead to Noble Canyon which holds a special place in my heart due to being the aid station at the top of the hill in the Noble Canyon 50k the years I ran.

It is also surprising the differing hiking speeds on the trail. I saw a gentleman leaving Mount Laguna store as I arrived and after giving him an hour or more head start caught him five miles down the trail. Then shortly afterward I saw the flash of Robert the German Rocket whom I would meet later fly by.

Camping at Pioneer Mail campground and have the place to myself.


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