Day 4 – Scissors Crossing

May 4 – Day 4 – Scissors Crossing – mile 77

I had originally planned to put in a big 24 mile day to get to scissors crossing where the trail crosses hwy 79. I soon realized this was kind of stupid as I was supposed to be ramping up. So as you will see that is exactly what I did.

First six miles flew by up to sunrise trailhead where I filtered water from the horse trough which was a pain trying to fill my Sawyer squeeze bottle by submerging it in the tank. Got it done though. I also ran into Robert from Bavaria again before he jetted off.

The next ten miles were hot and hilly including one ridiculously steep, long downhill that was a real quad burner. Finally I reached Rodriguez Spring at 1 where a bunch of us fought for shade and filtered water. I was thinking I would stay here but realized it would be tough to make Warner Springs in two days if I didn’t get to Scissors Crossing that night so I started hiking the eight miles at 4 pm.

The first two miles were a great gentle downhill before nearly four miles of ups and downs to traverse ravines and ridges to stay away from private land in the valley below. All the while you could see where the trail climbed the San Felipe hills across the valley although seemingly close. This several mile detour due to the landowner and forest service were unable to reach agreement. Finally the trail descended into the valley and flat even trail from there allowed me to set up camp by the S2 before it was too dark. Despite the wind and nearness to the highway I slept very well.


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