Day 5 – San Felipe Jills

May 5 – Day 5 – 4th gate – Mile 94

The day started by crossing the S2 and 79 called scissors crossing. There used to be a water cache here but it was shut down due to previous hikers leaving beer cans and trash. Thanks to those selfish bastards I had carried seven liters originally from Rodriguez Springs. There was water here though left by Glide On as well as some sodas so I did partake in a root beer

The next fourteen miles wound up into the San Felipe hills and traversed back west. It was windy at first but quickly became just hot. I reached the third gate water cache at 1:30 whee some angels had left boxes and boxes of water. Due to the number of hikers I only took two liters but it was much appreciated. I hung out here for almost three hours sleeping under a bush before moving three miles down the trail and setting up camp.

You will also notice I am only updating my spot location once a day when I set up camp in order to conserve battery so don’t freak out.


3 thoughts on “Day 5 – San Felipe Jills

  1. jetski72

    If you need battery replacements, or anything I can ride up there on the motorcycle as long as able to get to where you are camping and drop it off, you are still pretty close and there are good curves up there for riding.

  2. Jon P

    Now Root Beer is a mighty fine soda, must have been the best tasting soda you have had in a long while. Enjoying the blog with your stories and progress. You da man!


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