Day 6 – Twenty One Dollars of Heaven

May 6 – Day 6 – Agua Caliente creek – Mile 114

The day started cold and windy with rain on the tent fly. In fact it was a chilly hike all the way into Warner Springs. The only good news was I passed the 100 mile mark.

By the time I reached Warner Springs At one o’clock I was cold, hungry, dirty and stank badly. The resort had closed in 2012, but the town had opened their community center to hikers staffed by volunteers. I was able to get a shower, laundry and a double cheeseburger with chips and a soda for $21. It was heaven. Nancy and Colletta were so nice and Colletta even drove a bunch of us the mile round trip to the post office to get our Resupply packages.

I stayed for three hours watching old episodes of Deadliest Catch, Man vs Food, and Bizarre Foods before packing up. I hiked the five miles to Agua Caliente creek with clean clothes and a new attitude.




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