Day 7 – Seventeen miles of desert

May 7 – Day 7 – Mile 132

I don’t really know what to say about today. The first half was uphill leaving Agua Caliente creek, it was hot, and I stopped early around 4 as my feet hurt. The strange part was a stop at a trail angels house near mile 127.

The good news is they had a water tank for hikers by the road, they had sodas and beer on the porch, and everyone seemed very nice. Despite that it was a very strange vibe. I should have known when the first greeting was, “Hey Brah!” And the couple up at the tank didn’t follow me to the house. I drank a coke and tried to unsuccessfully converse with a guy sitting on the porch for a few minutes before realizing this was not the place for me. So I left a donation for the coke and started to pack up. Another gentleman I had seen as I entered encouraged me to stay asking if I was on a race but I thanked him for the hospitality and hightailed it. The worst part is I spent the next five miles pondering if I was on a race.

On the bright side I met a nice couple named M80 and Trooper with their dog willow. If only my dogs were so well behaved.


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