Day 8 – Paradise Valley Cafe

May 8 – Day 8 – Paradise Valley Cafe – mile 152

Today was a very long, hot desert hike with dreams of cheeseburgers at the Paradise Valley Cafe as well as hoping to be close enough to make it to Idyllwild the following day. The hike was uneventful seeing only two others all day. I have started listening to audible books while hiking as I had grown tired of going through the same three songs over and over in my head.

I did arrive at the cafe and sat with M80 and Trooper having a Gus burger and a few beers. The Paradise Valley Cafe is so friendly to hikers. Three of us ended up crashing on their front patio for the night trying to fall asleep listening to Hwy 74 traffic. I actually slept well other than the fourth hiker who showed up at 11 and had a very loud cell phone conversation not realizing there were three people sleeping ten feet away. Also in the very early am a car pulled into the lot and waited while “Mr. Tambourine Man” played in its entirety before pulling away. I certainly hope that was real as I would hate to think it was a dream.



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