Day 9 – Idyllwild

May 9 – Day 9 – Idyllwild

The PCT is closed from mile 162 to 178 due to last year’s Mountain Fire which has presented a dilemma for all of this years hikers. Many have simply hitched from Paradise Valley Cafe into Idyllwild and as I intended to do as I went to sleep last night. However at 5 am in my sleeping bag I started to get ants in my pants so I packed up and started the 16 mile road walk.

The first eight went pretty well although my right shin started hurting pretty good. I would simply step off the shoulder and hike beside the road for oncoming traffic so that was not a problem.

I stopped after eight miles and had a turkey bacon sandwich for breakfast at the Lake Hemet store. The clerk was very nice saying she has had a number of PCT hikers this year. I hadn’t walked 400 yards when a very nice section hiker named Kodak Karen offered to give me lift the remaining eight miles. I certainly couldn’t refuse such a generous offer so it seems I will be at least eight miles short of a contiguous hike to Canada.

In Idyllwild I checked into a hotel for thee nights and ordered a pizza for dinner. I will be taking a double zero here to slow down and recover. So don’t look at my spot page and get all worried that I haven’t moved. (Ahem , Steve). Hike resumes Monday. Till then I will be sitting on a couch watching the nfl draft and other TV.


3 thoughts on “Day 9 – Idyllwild

  1. Jon P

    So there are creepy places along the trail, careful now Jay. Seems you are now a little ahead of schedule?


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