Day 12 – Fuller Ridge Trailhead

May 12 – Day 12 – Fuller Ridge Trailhead – Mile 190.5

Day began with a two mile road hike to Humber park followed by a 2.5 mile hike up Devils Slide Trail just to get to the PCT. Most of the day was uphill towards Mt. San Jacinto ( although the trail bypasses the peak) but with fresh legs the hiking was good.


The last few miles were downhill and I originally planned to go to 193 but the camp at fuller ridge was too good to pass up. About five others had arrived to camp by the time I went to bed including Rogue who was at paradise valley cafe the night I stayed there. There was also Turnup who was hitchhiking to California when he got dropped at the trail angel where I felt uncomfortable. They kicked him out since he was not a hiker and he had done 60 miles of the pct hoping to get to the I10 to continue hitching north.

It was cold when I crawled into my bag to sleep.


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