Day 13 – Ziggy and the Bear

May 13 – Day 13 – Mile 210 – Ziggy and the Bear.

Took a while to get going as I lay in my tent listening to the ferocious wind outside. The hiking was a little maddening as the days destination was four miles as the crow flies and twenty by trail. You could see the 10 below but it would take a long time to get there partially due to some long traverses that hardly seemed to descend at all. To top it off the first fifteen miles were part of a 20 mile waterless stretch.

Rogue and I finally hit the snow canyon road faucet around two completely out of water and thirsty. I drank two liters and filtered two more. I then plodded the last five miles just wishing to be done. Rogue stayed there wanting to avoid any crowd at Ziggy and the Bears but I met four new folks who followed me in. They had spent the last hour trying to hide in a very small patch of shade.

Crossing under the 10 I ran into trail magic. Ice cold cokes and sugar cookies. It was so awesome as my water in my camelback was Luke warm or hotter. After a short break I finished the last mile to Ziggy and the Bears.


Ziggy and the Bear are famous trail angels who live right off the trail whose backyard is a hiker haven. I signed in thanks to some volunteers and had my picture taken as #900. I then got a foot bath, shower, ice cream (Neapolitan) and chatted with the other nine or so hikers there before cowboy camping under the stars.

The only bad thing is my right shin was pretty swollen. I iced it and took some Ibuprofen and it seemed to go down quite a bit. Bears monitoring bit will continue unless it gets worse. This hiking stuff is hard. The good people on the trail and helping out makes it easier.


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