Day 14 – Mission Creek Crossing

May 14 – Day 14 – Mission Creek – Mile 226

The day started with a respectable uphill toward the wind farms north of the ten. I was hiking with four people I had met at the water fountain the day before and had also stayed at Ziggy and the Bears. Pepa, Kramers, FedEx, and Mountain Goat. I say hoiking with but we were pretty spread out pretty quickly.

After about eight miles we veered off to go to the Whitewater Preserve which was formerly a fish farm and is now a conservation preserve. About eight through hikers whiled away the hotter part of the day under a shelter sleeping on picnic tables. It was a blissful break from the hot sun. Despite a college class that spent half an hour counting to five over and over while throwing food to different spots at intervals to watch the distribution of the very large trout. Must have been community college.

At about three I headed up the trail to get in eight more miles. It was a good day but I was beat as we all settled down to camp by Mission Creek



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