Day 15 – Somewhere in the Mountains

May 15 – Day 15 – Mile 242

Woke up at the creek next morning and was the last one out as Fedex, Mountain Goat and Kramers had left already. The day started out uphill and never let up. We ended up climbing over 5000 feet throughout the day.

I stopped at Creekside camp and had lunch with FedEx before tackling the next thousand feet over three miles to forested camp where everyone planned to break for a few hours of midday heat avoidance. This was also the first section where there was poodle dog bush which appears after fires and is much worse than poison oak. Avoiding that while climbing a steep trail in midday heat was not much fun. I finally arrived at forested camp exhausted.

We all cooked an early dinner and rested in the shade before hiking another four miles and pitching tents on the only flat ground we could find.



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