Day 16 – Downhill Hiking and Trail Magic

May 16 – Day 16 – Arrastre Creek – Mile 258.4

The last two days of hiking ten or twelve miles in the morning followed by a long break in the shade and a four to six mile afternoon hike was so popular that FedEx, Mountain Goat, Kramers and I agreed to do it again. It was only 24 miles to highway 19 and a hitch into Big Bear, but we all agreed an easy eight mile hike in the AM before ten. Also a 24 mile hike and then hitch would mean the post office would be closed and they would be waiting on packages. So we did the hike, much easier than the previous days ascent.

We paused for our break at the trail magic bin for Big Bear hostel where another hiker “Paint your Wagon” was resting. We drank sodas, ate apples and cooked some pasta that was there. It was a perfect break.

About three o’clock we hiked the next four miles and settled in at Arrastre creek to camp. Kramers snagged the good spot but it was nice with the sound of the creek and thoughts of town tomorrow with a zero day for me.


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